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Game 110 Recruiting


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Hi Guys,

  • I will be setting up the base database for game 110(90) later today (June 4th 2024), and will deal with nation and tech choice assignments over the next few days - Supernova's Andromeda region begins running tomorrow (Wednesday, June 5th) which will keep me busy, but once that's done I will get back to setting up this game
  • Once a nation is set with its tech type (American, British, German, Russian) there is no way for me to change that after the fact, so be sure you're happy with your tech choice.  If you don't remember what you chose, send me an email asap and I can let you know what I have down for you
  • There are a few empty positions (see below) which will have their tech types selected for them--I generally set typical land nations like these as German because it has a pretty well-rounded set of units.  These nations can be picked up at any time, so if you have a friend who wants in, there is still some room....you can never have enough allies!
  • Because the Victory! code doesn't like 3-digit game #'s, this will technically be termed game 90 to keep the code happy

Edit:     ......and game 110(90) begins on 6/9/2024 - all setup printouts were just emailed.  The first turn is due 6/15/2024 but I'll back date anyone who comes in after that (up to June 28th, since at the end of the 28th the tech counter to turn 2 runs) back to the 15th.  That way nobody will lose days right out of the gate.  Once turn 2 begins on June 29th I can't do that any more (and I expect some players will start dropping days for intelligence-gathering purposes).  Good luck everyone!

Game 110 will be the same as Games 100-109.  You can choose your nation when you register based on what is available – first come, first serve.

We are currently taking registrations for the next regular 14 day game. This game will be Game 110 (Game 90).  We will begin accepting registrations for Game 110 at 9 AM (MST or GMT-7) on September 18th. Game 110 is first come, first serve so if you are interested in a particular nation get your setup request in at 9 AM on the 18th or as soon as you can after that.  Registrations before 9 AM on the 18th don't count so wait until then. Any questions - just let me know.

Edit:  a few nations opened up at the last second which I'm trying to fill.  I'll still start this game up, filling active positions tomorrow (Friday, June 7th), and will continue to fill empties with more players as best as I can.

Best of luck to all!



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