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Calling on WKE


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It appears that your GSL brethen wish to defend you ad nauseum with faulty logic. Since NSI does not wish to communicate here is my question:


The GSL claims to be the good guys of the Galaxy so:


1) Was this a mistake (Yes/No) - Yes go to Question 2, No go to Question 3)


2) what do you plan on doing

a) Extricate ships (if possible) and declare a neutral zone

:jawdrop: hunt NSI down if he/she does not communicate

c) other ____________________________


3) If this was not a mistake how does this integrate into the common GSL mentality/ideal?


Please keep it brief. It might also make sense if you asked the other GSL players to refrain from trying to support you. Of course no reply will be interpreted and discussed.


Best wishes...

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I think I answered in the other thread. Extract my cruiser if I can, and shadow his scout in another star system (probably by moving back and forth to the planet each turn so my ID keeps showing up on his turn .. if this is a real player). Keep moving up defenses in the border systems (and since all he's seen is my drone/fighter Cruiser and not the armored Attack version, I feel safe). Send lots of MESSages. Call on Madam WoHoo to try and locate the lost soul for contact. Place ads on the side of Milk cartoons (Player 3535, missing since xx/xx/xx). That type of stuff.

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