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Getting fleets -out- of convoy routes

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Yup! You missed something ... :)


To take a Fleet out of a Convoy Route, just change the route to "NONE"




CONV, <Fleet ID>, NONE, 0


Your Fleet is now free to do what it pleases. If you want to get really tricky, you can always Reorganize them out.




RN, <Convoy Fleet ID>, <Non-Convoy Fleet ID>, ALL


Hope that helps. :cheers:

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A good point to remember is the order in which things are done:


1) Orders you give that turn


2) Standing Orders


3) Convoy routes


Therefore leaving fleets on Convoy duty isn't a problem if you have limited APs (who hasn't ! :lol: ). You can always predict what it's going to do.


I have several fleets left on 'Refuel' (a very simple Convoy Route). If they're not given any orders and are in the right place, then they automatically SKIM away.....


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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Sha'thar considers. o O { We plan to build small 2 AP In-System ships to orbit at colony worlds specifically to CON pollution processors, cathedrals and that sort of thing on the colony- or homeworld. Using two orders which take up the action points of the fleet would end building until the next turn. Conceivably, you could use this process to 'program' rather complicated colony maintanance 'programs' which could span turns... }

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