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After careful consideration, I am disbanding the Power Pantheon alliance and instead am pursuing membership in another alliance. All members of my former alliance are released from any obligations (unless through loyalty to me they decide to honor them). Also, they may freely distribute tech that has been shared to them from the Power Pantheon and it's members. System information should be discussed with the appropriate member as this type of information is somewhat sacred to each empire.


I have sent my spreadsheet to a number of players with my empire information in an effort to establish trust with those players and aid them with the gameplay.


So far I have not received any offers from any other alliance for membership. If any alliance wishes to have the Shadowlords Of Lolth join their ranks please respond.

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Just from a teaching perspective to everyone else, would you mind writing to some of the reasons this alliance failed to grow or stick around? Sounds like a silly request. But, I know of several alliances/groups in the game going through growing pains (so to speak). So getting some information on what did not seem to work out well could be a boon for others (and whatever alliance you get invited into).

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Players quitting was the main reason...membership has declined instead of grown. Also, since I started my empire in July 2003 my tech information is rather scarce especially since I didn't save any points for "Free" tech advances. Most players that inquired about my alliance were somewhat dissappointed with my wait and see type of policy with regards to an official policy. This was basically done to remain somewhat neutral since the message boards are lit up with "White-hat / Black-Hat" discussions and motives for running an aggressive empire or of defending your "Own space".


The eventual plans were to divide the duties of the alliance among the members so that everyone gets involved in the "Alliance" level of the game as well as the empire level. This requires an extreme amount of trust among members since sensitive information is traded and control is not centralized. I could be the founding member and yet not really control anything that happens within my alliance...which is actually how I envisioned it from the beginning. I don't want that kind of "Control" and would resent that from another player.


We agree to relinquish some control of our empires to alliances for information exchange and mutual defense. We agree to help fellow alliance members with advice and military force or trade when the time comes. These are the basics of any successful alliance....but the issue of trust is by far the make or break of any alliance. I would venture to guess that most of the established alliances have a core group within them who are actually childhood friends or gamers who were allied in another game. That kind of trust will solidify an alliance beyond what happens in the game.


And finally, most of the other members in my alliance were "Newbies" also who did not save points either. Therefore, there wasn't much information exchanging going on that was new. After awhile, the other players decided that they could get more information much more quickly by joining a "Core" established alliance. I can't blame them as I have actually decided the same thing myself.


As many of you who read the boards regularly know, I am planning on starting another empire in January 2004. That hasn't changed. I still invite anyone contemplating another empire to wait and start then. I am quite sure that those empires will all save points to go up the engines and jump survey tech lines which will create much quicker contact. Also, players will have made most of their mistakes already and will manage their empires better the second time around (or third, fourth, fifth...etc).

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