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It is now possible to instigate a revolution to have your citizens overthrow your own government and install a new Imperial Tradition. This is done primarily to alter the chances of receiving the various Legendary Characters, but cannot be done very often.


Exiling existing Legendary Characters is also possible (they are either banished or sent to some horrible fate, suffering grievously at the behest of His Imperial Majesty). It's generally a good idea not to fall under the watchful gaze of one of the Emperor's many eyestalks, or he just might point one of his twelve suction-cup-covered tentacles your way.... :(


A document detailing these new orders is attached to this message. Enjoy! :beer:


Further upgrades on this turn include the FNAM (Rename Fleets) order and the ability to use the keyword HOME in a DECF (Decommission Fleet) order to send all fleets with no ships in them back to your homeworld with just a single instance of the DECF :P


I'm working on System Beacons, but they aren't ready quite yet.


Edit 11/30/03: attached is the latest version of the Revolution and Exile document - there is a slight change to the wording regarding Revolutions, indicating that the new Emperor retains his character class (Scientist, Explorer etc) but is otherwise referred to as the new Emperor. This means that if he was a Scientist he would continue to make scientific breakthroughs and could assist in Survey missions, but enjoys the title of Emperor otherwise.


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