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Peace Through Exploration


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Unlike many, I send through non-combat ships that have a mission to explore.


I am somewhat concerned that I ran into another player this close to the home system but am wondering what I should do:


I am inside the system (having come through) and we are both sitting peacefully. Now granted I am facing a starting fleet (100-105) that starts with a nice ROE but it has been beefed up with additional pathfinders.


I have a Medium Colonial Transport in system.


I would assume that there is war if he attacks my Transport :-(


Does anyone know: SHM The Sh-Lakk Mindsphere # 841 'A Great Sun, Brightly Illuminating A Solar System'


Thanks in advance :-)



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I dont know him/ her :/


I am in your exact position.


I've sent a MESS and posted here. I'll keep exploring because:


1) Thats my imperial tradition

2) To see what our boundary looks like

3) There is no indication from the other party that I am not welcome


Our ships sat right on top of each other at the same warp point for a turn without incident.


If "The Saurian Approach" is reading this and does not want me to continue exploration, contact me ASAP and I will change my orders accordingly.

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