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open ended game

Marklen X

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The last time I played an accelerated game, we played an open ended game, meaning it did not have an arbitrary end turn, and we played it to a finish. In order to do that, it requires a unanamous vote of all players. It can be real frustrating to be in the middle of a huge fight and suddenly the game just stops. What say all of you gung ho boys!

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I'm all for it, but.... :ph34r:



Wouldn't Russ and company have to say we could...... :unsure:

Please :thumbsup:



If they need a vote okay by me, the more death and destruction.... :blink:


I mean reconstruction and violence relief,

the aid to end countless suffering.. for :cheers:


At least those on my side..... :ranting:



DezertCamel :blink:

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Russ has no problem with it, it is up to the players.

Correct - no problem on my end but considering that it was not announced as an open-ended game before startup, it would require a unanimous vote by all the nations of Game 71 to convert it to an open-ended game.



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Did someone mention extended bloodshed....I mean Doctor Training?? :lol:


Count me in!! :blink:


We could do like some other PBM's I've been in and have a specific agenda for Victory. Such as a single player or alliance reaching 1,000,000 Arm/Air/Naval points destroyed.


I'm sure we could all come to some sort of agreement and play on from there!

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Shouldn't that be the first country controlling all capitals?


I like the idea.


But, should America and Canada count...


I mean, its like after I take all of Europe, THEN I have to mount this huge long protracted sea assualt on America and Canada... :robot:


Also, with this, do the number of orders keep going up after every 25 turns(beyond turn 76)?

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After giving this some thought...I think the controlling all capitals idea has an issue with it, in that it turns the game into just going after capitals.


So, I am thinking more than just the capitals to win.


We could make it really hard, have to control every province and city of 30 countries(or more) to win.

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I guess you have played RISK too much...... :rolleyes:


I guess that means north america and the Russia's get bouns points since they are impossible to defend... :(


It does not matter what the goal is, as long as you control it all..... :taz:


Capitals, cities, provinces.... :blink:


Now to quote a old but good movie,


"There can only be one" :thumbsup:


Open -ended means till everybody loses but one group or one player....


I mean if we wanted to play a group game we could have started one, like somebody tried a few years back...


Or even more fun, everybody gets the same tech.....British.... this way everybody would fight on an even plain.... :ranting:


But that is a future to be determined at a different time..... :drunk:


And May IRELAND be the ONE..... :robot:

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