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FC over seazone


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I have another question: A fightercover is triggered by overflight of enemy aircraft of a covered location. A maritime interdict is triggered by sailing ships through a seazone.


When I sail ships throug a seazone, and a maritime interdict responds, can my fighters do an intercept, because they are also patroling that seazone?



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Yes, in fact if you have CV's with INT, you in effect have a moving INT. Then if your TF moves and is bombed your planes will INT first.

Also, if you have a FC over a seazone, any enemy planes that attempt to bomb your ships will be intercepted.

IMPORTANT to note though, that INT's take precedence over FC's. Had it happen once where I had 45 land based fighters on FC over a sea zone, and my naval force had one CV with a couple of SF on INT. Only the SF intercepted and my navy got pounded. Won't make that mistake again...... :python:


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