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Hello all,


A desire has been expressed by more than one player to transform Game 71 into an open-ended game.


The way this would work is that the game would simply continue running after Turn 73 - allowing for continued mayhem :angry2: No new technology would be available past Turn 73 and the game would go until all surviving nations agreed to bring things to a close.


As Game 71 was not set up as an open-ended game, this requires a vote of the Game 71 players. Our policy on such votes is that they have to be unanimous and that anybody that fails to vote is considered a 'no' vote. If a vote fails but interest remains high, you can attempt another vote every 6 turns. The dissenting nations may well be eliminated in the meantime :(


In advance - No, the voting record is not published so dissenting nations cannot be...er...convinced to change their minds via in-game measures. Diplomacy is the key here if you want a vote to succeed. If I get a unanimous vote on an open-ended game conversion, I'll make the change and that will be that.


Accordingly, a vote on open-ended game conversion will be taken at this time.


Please send your votes in to me via email (with your next turn is fine). The vote has to be unanimous to succeed. Any nation that fails to record a 'yes' vote is considered a 'no'. 'Yes' votes will stay on the record for future votes (if required) so that only 'no' votes need to contact me in any future votes (if they wish to change their vote to a 'yes'). Additionally, if you vote 'yes' but wish to change that to a 'no' down the road in a future vote - let me know.


Hope that all made sense :lol: If you have any questions - just email me.






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I vote that we don't let Poland vote anymore.


Germany shall gladly represent them in future polls. :woohoo:


And, dangit, I didn't see this til after my results got to me, sending in my email now.

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There have been no definite 'no' votes as yet but there are still some folks to hear from on the issue. I'll see about getting a notice on the turn results here soon and then I'll probably follow up on the missing votes by email so we have a definite yes or no on the thing :)



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