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New SNROTE Turn Entry Program


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Attached is the new SNROTE Turn Entry program (zipped) - I'm posting it here to help avoid the bottleneck currently slowing down outgoing emails through our ISP.


Unzip it and copy the resulting file into your c:\snrote\ directory, overwriting the file of the same name that is already there.


This is just the entry program itself and not the SN Turn Entry Data.mdb file, so you won't need to re-enter your empire data.


There are no new graphics or text box additions, so there should be no .ocx issues with this update :beer:


The Exile Character order has been added to this program with the order code EXIL. The Instigate Revolution order, REVO, has also been added. A large number of entry checks are in as well, warning you especially of missing Population Group #'s on certain orders or substituting default values for Quantities and some other fields for various orders.


During execution of the Revolution order, your Emperor is removed from power and replaced by your oldest highest-ranked character. That character now retains his current class but is referred to as the new Emperor in all other ways. This means that if he was a Scientist-class character, he will remain a Scientist. He could still make breakthroughs and assist in SURV missions as before, but would otherwise be referred to as the Emperor (with whatever title, such as Witch-King, Chairman etc, that you specify in the REVO order).


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I've uploaded a slightly newer version of the entry program (attached to the above message) - DECF orders were converting the "HOME" option to a zero on saving of the DECF order. The "HOME" is now retained. The main program will treat a zero as if it were the "HOME" option, so if you entered your orders already and you've got a DECF, 0 order you'll be ok.

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