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CSC is important in a number of areas


1. Intercept ability - The CSC of units on intercept/fighter cover should be at least as good as the CSC of the forces they are attempting to engage. If CSC is one poorer, greatly reduced chance. If CSC is two poorer, no chance.


2. Fighter Escort - If the CSC of units on fighter escort is equal to the enemy fighters engaging, they'll screen off twice their number from the main body. If the CSC is one poorer, they'll only screen off their number. If the CSC is two poorer, they'll be unable to keep enemy fighters from bypassing them to hit the main body.


3. Flak - The CSC of units is a factor in AAA resolution along with defense rating. The higher the defense rating and the CSC, the lower the losses to AAA fire.


4. Air to Air Combat - The CSC is an important factor in fighter vs fighter combat with each level of advantage translating directly into more aerial kills. CSC is not a factor in fighter vs bomber or bomber vs fighter which are more a matter of firepower and area defense firepower respectively.



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