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Jump Survey Sensors How many?


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Some Of my Pathfinders are trapped behind class D and E Warp points

I presently only have Mk II Jump Survey sensors available.


How may Mk II sensors are needed to Survey a E Warp point??


Have anyone found out the formula for multiple sensors of the same level

is it just Squareroot of #sensors * sensor power ???


So that I need 5 Mk II for an E warp point because


squareroot(5) = 2,236 * 50 = 111,8 total survey strenght


or should I more count on using 6 Mk II survey sensors?



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I generally have to use explorers or build outpost colonies to get past E's. My rangers can take them with Mk II sensors easy if they happen to be in the same system. Otherwise it is colonies. I have recently scanned an F with Mk II's, a ranger and a scientist in a nexus so it is not that big of a deal. :D

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From my experience:

5 Mk II JSS will sometimes work on a D.

33 Mk II JSS will always work on a D. But when I tried it on an E, it didn't work.

(Knowing what I know now, I would not build a ship with 33 JSS on it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

For an E, you need MK II JSS plus scout/scientists.


--Russ / MacBeth

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I tried two MK II's with my best explorer and best scientist to break through an E in a nexus. Thunder has a nice document that shows how leaders and installations can help in these scans. From past experience I have found that 20 sensors are less than twice the strength of a single sensor.

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I got past an F with 3 Mk II JSS's and Ranger (level 6) and a Senior Scientist (level 5?) You should be able to get past an E with a single Mk II JSS and an Explorer (level 5) explorere character. You can also do it with a combination of a lower level explorer and a scientist. In any case I still don't have anything better than Mk II JSS's and have managed to survey some 150+ warp points, many of which were D's or E's in nexi.


With the new revolution order it should be possible for anybody to get a bunch of explorers and scientist to help exploration. It is also possible to find better JSS's doing exploration, of course that would be something useful as opposed to a hold full of raw materials. :alien2:

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