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Game 68 back on board


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Evening all


Game 68's message board presence appears to have disappeared. God know not a lot seemed to be happening, but it wasn't that quiet!


I can only report from North Africa, where Libya and Tunisia have driven all before them to the west and Egypt to the east.


The mighty Libyans have now turned their attention to Portugal, where a grim war of attrition beckons over the western Mediterranean.


I hear reports of a move against the Scandinavians by the British, bloody nastiness centred on Hungary, but it would be good to get a picture of how these things are all related.



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Come across :lol:

No No my friend I insist you come across,after all you declared war on me.

Its not far and there are 2 of you and only one of me.

If your britain 1940 then what are all those Panzers doing on your side of the channel

Come over here and I'll rip your bloody arms off :cheers:



Portugal and Spain

With a bit of France

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Panzers - well given the choice between those and Matildas, I'm afraid there wasn't much of a decision to make. I was actually talking metaphorically: I've had a naff few turns - the sky black with enemy bombers, everyone eating powdered egg and Woolton pie, that sort of thing.


And as for DW-ing I had to, you kept mining my ports and sinking my boats.


Keep em peeled old boy - there are plenty of turns (and twists) left in this game yet. :cheers:

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So many words of hate, Oh My!!! :jawdrop:


Especially from two nations that are indirectly Totally Allied to each other.


Libya TAed to Tunisia TAed to Egypt TAed to UAE TAed to Saudi Arabia TAed to Turkey TAed to Bulgaria TAed to Greece TAed to Switzerland TAed to Italy TAed to Portugal.


I of course Hungary am at war with more than half the nations listed above. I lift up a pint of beer to the both of you. :beer:

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Hate is too strong a word

detest, lothe, despise. Also a little over the top

How about irritate? aggrivate?

Bother? yes thats the word.

Why do I bother! :beer:

There I was preparing for a war of words and he clams up on me.

Oi! Bring back that bomber command, I wasn't finished with it. :jawdrop:

Why are your ships retreating.Got a little Itialian campaign in mind? :taz:



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