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Tugs -- how does it work in practice?


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I have some questions about the Tug tech like magnetic grapples, tractor beams etc.


1) Is it possible to Tug Orbital Defence Stations through Warp points??


2) How do you calculate the Fuel costs??


3) How do you calculate AP´s for a fleet with Orbital Defence Stations and with tug-ships strong enough to pull them around??


4) If I have some ships without Jump drives and transfer those ships into a fleet with Jump capable Tug-ships. Can the Tugs then drag them through warp points??



Merry Chistmas



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1. No.

2. Irrelevant; see #1.

3. Haven't actually done it yet, but my understanding is that if you have enough tug capacity to tow it, it won't reduce your APs. If it does, I'm sure it just calculates new combined mass and compares that to the thrust output of any engines.

4. No.

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