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If I have an Army with 12 Divisions of which 4 are severely damaged, is there a way to seperate the 8 undamaged divisions from the 4 damaged divisions in order to attack with the 8 undamaged divisions and leave the 4 damaged divisions where they are?



I Army - xDanzig

1st - 4th Infantry 40 - Veteran - 30% effective each

5th - 12th Infantry 40 - Veteran - 100% effective each


I want to leave the 1st - 4th in xDanzing and want to attack Poznan with the 5th - 12th. Can I do it?


-Thanks :D

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I beleive if you MGFS the 4 you want out before the OMG attack order it can be done.

If im correct I think the MGFS acts as a secondary order only to those who split off, leaving the core, untouched units available for primary or secondary orders.


In that case though you could not keep the 4 in the same location, as they would need to be moved.


may want to wait for more responces, as I could be wrong :D

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You almost got it right. Indeed after a MGFS only the army force that has actually moved (or any force it merges with) is considered to have performed a primary mission. It is possible for them to draw replacements etc. The divisions that have not moved have not performed any mission at all, so they can still attack.


Under the the current rules it is not possible to leave the damaged divisions in the same location, and attack with the fresh ones. It is one of the items we've discussed with Russ, and it will probably be altered in the next version of the Victory! rules.



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There is another little-known method which purports to achieve the desired result.


It has 2 steps (let's assume that you are Poland):


1. SV,Poland (Summon Voices, Poland) This activates the voices that tell you what to do.

I often hear the voices and always do what they tell me.

This works best after 20 beers or more.


2. TA (Teleport Army) This promises to teleport your damaged units out of danger to another city of your choice where they can draw replacements.


I use these 2 commands frequently.


The first command has never let me down. The voices always tell me what to do.

Sometimes, after 30 or 40 beers, you can Summon Voices without using your computer.


However, I have had a few problems with Teleport Army.


Well, to be honest, I've had a lot of problems with TA.


Okay, it has NEVER worked!


I think I may be entering the command incorrectly (particularly when I am not using my computer).


In the VICTORY games that I am currently playing, my enemies are kicking the crap out of me.


However, I am confident that the voices will turn this situation around.


Tonight, I drank 50 beers and the voices told me to share this secret with you.

They also told me about the Manhattan Project and how to use the Atom Bomb to knock Japan out of the Game in Turn 76.


But you must promise not to tell my enemies.


Best wishes on your inevitable victory.

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Sorry Takeda, not the Pacific. Russ is planning an upgrade of the game on the existing map first. Actually, I'm glad you brought this up. Gives me another excuse to bug Russ about the project. :)


Russ, what's the planning on this? You said something about a private area on this board for those interested in helping develop Victory! 2. Is that still the plan? Can't wait to get started.

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