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I just got a result that one of my leaders prayed to Votan the Defender at a Grand Cathedral. The problem is I don't remember ever seeing a Grand Cathedral anywhere on my turn results...even on past turn results. I have 2 Cathedrals on my homeworld where the leader is located, but no Grand ones.


Still, it raises some interesting questions: How many gods are there? What, if any, is the benefit of such prayer? Can you choose which God you pray to or is it selected by region or even randomly. If by region then can you pray to more than one God?...etc


Anyone else encountered similar events?

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The only Grand Cathedrals I've seen have been from exploration results, but not on my home world, such as:


"an impressive Grand Cathedral dedicated to Valakar the Swift: Valakar is a nominal ally of evil in the Great Struggle

against Yamal and Votan, making sure that the odds are right before intervening. This angers Vladchek greatly but the powers

of Valakar are welcome when they are offered"


This one result seems to name 4 different gods.

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Interestingly enough, I sent a religious leader to a Grand Cathedral found by exploration. He not only found that Cathedral but another as well!


> Archpriest prayed at a forbidding Grand Cathedral dedicated to Kar-Tang the Reaver, generating favor for your

Empire in the eyes of Kar-Tang the Reaver!

> Archpriest prayed at an awesome Grand Cathedral dedicated to Votan the Defender, generating favor for your Empire

in the eyes of Votan the Defender!


Two hits for the price of one....how nice.

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If you did Explores on the homeworld, my guess is you will eventually uncover the Grand Cathedrals. Heck, I've found two on my homeworld so far (along with an Alien Library, Deserted City, and some others). You're priests seem to know they exist and seek them out. But they won't lead the explorers to them. This can be explained with the locations being sacred and thus that information is protected from the non-believers. :D

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