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So, I was wondering, the Convoy rules say other orders than those listed may be allowed for convoys in the future, can the order to have a fleet join a convoy route be part of another convoy set of orders? In other words, can I link convoys in this way? I'm about to build a convoy route in parallel with another route already in place that then splits off to a different world, then comes back. I was thinking it would be cool if I could just have the route on its return just give the order to have a fleet join the 1st convoy where the two intersect/merge, that way I could save on orders to plot it all the way back to the homeworld. You would then need to manually transfer from one convoy to the next when the fleet goes out again, but if convoys are many systems out that may be more worthwhile than entering another set of identical orders to bring ships back to the homeworld all in different convoys.

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