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Mac Users?


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Are there any other Mac users out there?


Currently I play the game on my G4 laptop, but have to enter orders on my work PC. To get around this problem, I bought Virtual PC with Windows XP. Virtual PC has worked for other turn entry programs in the past, but this time so far no luck. When I try to install the SN program, it says it is going to the C drive and then disappears (or I haven't found it yet).


Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution?

Or can recommend another solution?




--Russ (the other one)

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Ive been using my venerable Imac DV with a measley 450Mhz G3 processor and virtual PC 4.0 running windows 98 and no problems have been encounted from the get go. I also have to be a bit patient when entering my turn orders but they have been going through without a hitch.

One thing i noticed that did help me when i first downloaded the SN entry programs was

to use the PC side to download and open everything up from there. Or you might try to download right to your destop on the mac side and simply open up the C drive on your

PC side and drag the SN entry program right to your C drive and install.

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Thanks; I got it running (slow).

Next question, is there a way to delete orders from the 'edit orders' option? It ignores the delete/backspace key on a Mac laptop keyboard.


Have you tried deleting as soon as you switch to edit mode? There's a bug that also affects the PC version that sometimes you have to exit and return to edit mode before delete works.

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