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In some cases you will have to build airbases in portcities.

Seaplanes for example can only be build there. Seaplanes are good for patroling the seazones...


And since everybode knows that you don't want to build in portcities, it could be a good place to build an airbase...



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It is my understanding that an INT order for SF on a fleet in port would only intercept air attacks on the port, not in the adjacent sea zone. You would need a FC order to cover the sea zone, or move your fleet to the sea zone.

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I use fleets all the time. The rules in Vic are not extremely favorable, especially with those land based bombers around. However, for amphib operations and an occasional CB, quite handy.

But not very cost efficient, I agree.

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I know you dont -want- to build airbases in port cities, but sometimes you dont have a choice. :thumbsup:

Besides if a player is gonna reveal his precious warfleet for a good bombing in trade for a fightersquadron or 4, it might actually not be such a bad trade-off. <_<


But in this case i was just wondering it when i went over the rules again.

"A force with "Interception" orders will remain alert for any enemy

air intrusion into the province where it is located."


and in theory port city's can be reached without crossing the province.

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