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So, what's a N00B to do?


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Alright, I jumped into Game 72 after having not played for almost 10 years. (And no...I won't tell you which country I am. :woohoo: )


Anyway...I'm wondering a few things.


1) Are there any other web resources out there for Victory! other than the message board I can snoop through.


2) Any suggestions for some tactics that will get me through the beginning stages of the game?


Anything that helps is mucho appreciated!

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- build atleast 1 ldb in every province/ city so you get a battle report


- get some friends


- watch your money


- know your country, it's resources it's rail.. but know your enemies one better :thumbsup:


- get ready to attack... defence is for the weak .. <_<

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Go to Amazon and order:


Achtung Panzer!

Sun Tzu's The art of war

Vom Kriege

And some others


Read 'm and apply


And allways remember. First you win, then comes the battle.

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Supplies/logistics are an important part of strategy. And without a clear plan (a.k.a. strategy) you will not be victorious. No matter how much supplies you have available.


*by the way, another reason to upgrade those Frontiers. They hold absolutely no supplies. Go for Mot, Mech, Armour)


But thanks for the tip. My Vic! knowledge is a little rusty after all those years and anything helps to get me started. I will order Alfred Spoor to build some extra factories. <_<


Oops, these 500cp's are gone...

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Pick one country to attack. If you have more then one around you.

Get with them all and see if you can All. or TA. That way you know who is not friendly.

Make sure your food is good and you build your ADL up every turn.







If you wish to e-mail me you can at usmc_pointman@sbcglobal.net

I am playing Alger. And if your one of the countries buy me talk to me. There maybe a TA in it for you.

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