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Two questions


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Just wondering on 2 things.


What is use of the TPL security army.

Why should I use this? To what security rating is this added?


Second question

Will a land front fortification remain in place when the enemy conquers the province?




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The TPL SEC gives you a bonus on all security operations; All chances to stop rangers get a bonus. Also chances to stop covert funding are increased.


Land fortifications wiil remain in the game, until scrapped by the owner of the province. This is also the same for city fortifications.


I hope this is enough answer to your questions.



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Commander Azuth,


Fortifications are special defences, which remain in place after the province or city is conquered. Of cource, with the change of owner of the city or province, the owner of the fortification also changes.

These are too large structures to destroy overnight, let alone just before a conquest.


You are right about all other fixed defences like LAA, HAA, CLAB and CHAB. Of cource LDBs are destroyed in the attack. In case of an amphibious landing, the CLAB and CHAB are also destroyed in the attack.



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Fortifications are -not- destroyed when conquered. (I mean the bunkers of the atlantic wall are still there even after nearly 60 years)

ofcourse in case of landfront fortifications they are often facing the wrong direction for a conquering enemy to be useful.

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