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Even at full maginification the sudden fireball was small. Though only seconds after its beginning, it was now almost completely dispersed. Ninety-seven men and a fine ship lost.


"Get us out of here, Helmsman."


"Aye, sir. Coming about now. Warp in 45 seconds."


Lieutenant Commander Bynge had his orders. Details would be nice, but getting the report out was the prime directive. Spacefaring heathens....this was something for which the Fleet of the Book was not equiped. This fell into the mandate of the Fleet of the Sword. They were properly equipped.


"Code Omega, sir. Final com burst from St Jerome incoming now. Single heathen ship...four times our mass...sigil on the fore 'Red Griffin Rampant on Black'.


"Understood. Save the rest for later. I want that data recylced and sent off immediately to the Commodore on completion of warp. The St Jerome never knew what hit her, but thanks to her the St Just does and we will not be ambushed like that. Gentlemen, our commission remains to enlighten the darkness of the heathen. Commodore Howe's is rather different."


"Sir, warping...now."

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Lets just clear up the space debris gentlemen...


Hrm... the Grayson Protectorate (Upright Sword Defending the Open Book) sent an unarmed Fleet Scout into battle against the Rathe Federation Intrepid class Destroyer.


The GPR 125th Survey Flotilla, with ROE: Y, initiates hostilities with the Rathe 8th Recon Group, with ROE: Q.


So, what you are saying is that for the Grayson Protectorate, even unarmed scouts are required to initiate hostilities? Yes, that's what I'm saying. Captain Nelson had no choice but to destroy them before they rammed his ship.


Fine, log this incident under Xenophobic Religious Fanatics, and send the Admiralty's commendation.


[Remainder of orders are classified TopSecret/NoAlien]


(OOC: In case you honestly think I fired on you first, you need to check your battle report again. Oh, and next time, might want to arm your survey ships before sending them into battle. We didn't start this, but we will finish it)

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Never meant to say you were the warmonger.....frankly I never looked. Mostly was just trying to say.....HEY I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE.

LOL, I guess it adds new meaning to the old saying...


"Explore new lands, meet new cultures, new civilizations, new people... and kill them."


This is still just an "incident" in my book. Awaiting private communiques.


Now that First Contact is made, the official coat of arms of Rathe are revealed for the first time.



Chief Bottlewasher and Cook for The Rathe Federation

"Red Griffin Rampant on Black"


(PS Thanks Mark for the logo!)

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