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It is common for me to read most all of the victory forum, even the games I’m not involved in. It is also quite common for me to use a translator site because of the international aspect of this game. An aspect I truly do enjoy.


However, it has come to my attention that certain language is being used which is not considered offensive by the person posting because I don’t speak his language and that the people who do speak the language wouldn’t find it offensive. This is a perception which is totally inaccurate.


I’m all for having fun and enjoying the game, but I also think we have to be respectful of certain issues, language being one of them. I also believe we must remember that although the majority of players are men, women also play this game and there is no telling how many children may read the forums watching Mommy or Daddy play. Plus the forum is open to the public.


It can be argued that I don’t have to read the postings and that is a valid argument. But it doesn’t mean others from the public, etc won’t get offended by offensive language when they are investigating the game through the forum. So frankly the argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny in my opinion.


I do respectively request that we all look at the language and make appropriate changes so that no one gets offended. And if someone suggest they are offended by certain language rather than taking the easy “this is the internet and I can be anonymous and behave as I chose” attitude that we take a different approach and the higher road.




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Okay, cut the crap, this is getting serious and I am at this moment serious:


somebody is screwing this board and it aint the guy with the tag lines. One Norbert started complaining about this and all of a sudden somebody else starts complaining. Get your act together, solve this problem BETWEEN the 2 (or 3?) of you (Norbert and Jester). Anybody else stay out of this or also solve it in PRIVATE.


Don't complain, don't explain. Just do it.

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First of all, I totally agree with gulliblepratt. How is it possible to think that you can judge language of others when using the word "piss" yourself. I dont need a translator to know the meaning of it :cheers:


Second of all, the problem with online translating tools is that they tell you nothing of the context the remark is made in. In other words you could easily be fooled by the proper meaning of a foreign word.


Thirdly, I'm rather new to the RT-boards although I'm rather experienced to forums in general and (online)gamingboards in specific. Appearantly I misjudged the visitors of this board (to my surprise even some of my fellow countrymen. Above all they (at least if they have watched the Dutch news over the last few months) must understand the specific nature of the quote I have made. I'm not going to elleborate that.


Last but not least. I've changed my sig. Not because you guys tell/ask me to, but because this boards should be concentrating on Vic and all the issues concerning Vic and not about the way ppl interpret language, sigs and quotes. Personally I think it says more about the ppl complaining then me....but hell, who am I....just one of those fresh tired fathers that see the world in a whole new dimension and have a new idea on what's important or not important.

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It is not like DrFreud suggests. This issue is not supposed to be personal thing between 2 or more player. It is a genaral issue about language use on this board. Keep the language clean and the is no problem, there is enough foul language on the board already, so lets try to keep this board clean.


The signature I was talking about have been changed. Perhaps the menbers of the team in game71 will also consider changing theirs..


If I had a personal issue with a player, I will solve it privately. If that issue is game related, I will fight it out on the battlefield.


Happy gaming.



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This forum used to be funny. :cheers:


No more...


Thanks. ChicO signing off and not coming back. :P



There is a difference between humor and racism. I rest my case.

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I think it's best we dont spoil any more words on this issue anymore...We all know the level of sensitivity of these boards so we must act accordingly....So this is my last contribution to this topic....


Now let's get back to the real problems......Who's Tunesia72 :cheers:

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Who's Tunesia72


Me neither! and why is that a real problem????? ;)


jeez you talk like an upthight American....


I'm an American, and nobody has EVER accused me of being uptight! You must be the first! :oops:

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I am American and I believe in free speech. I don't believe that I have ever been called uptight untel now myself. :lol:


On this subject, It looks like other then American's are having the proplem with the language. :ranting:


Can't we all just drink a :angry2: and have fun? :oops:

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