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Has Supernova gone Quiet


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Yes, I would like to see that article myself.


I just got back home to Canada, so I am now taking the time to read all the posts since I last read. This week does seem to be very quit...

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If one of our European players could scan the Flagship article..that would be cool. I don't have a scanner or I would have.

Interesting..... :thumbsup:


Given that that would be illegal, one assumes you want to raise the stakes in your campaign? That might call for real-world repercussions. :oops:


And given further that you wrote the article, one wonders why you don't offer to send it to anyone that's interested.


Subsequent Flagship articles might well benefit from some fun in-game rivalry, but I strongly suggest that you decide to keep it in-game! ;)


The ball, as they say, is in your court - and we all know how you like to keep it........

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Whoops :/ I posted MMBs draft article in the Questions forum.


Not sure what kind of legal repurcussions I'll face ;) Have your lawyer talk to...umm...well, me!


But seriously - if its going to generate bad feelings, I can remove it. Just PM me.


EDIT: Just removed it so no PM necessary. Sorry for any offense. Completely unintentional.

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Sha'thar rolls onto her back, sprawled in the sun. golden fur shimmering.


Life is good for her people. New Technologies are making life on the more extreme colonies a bit more viable, if not comfortable. Those selfsame technologies inabled her engineers to design and build the 'Thirsty Cat, Curious Cheetah and Angry Kitten' ships, as well as the growing fleet of Serval IIs and the new Leopardess I which continues to be built in the docks.


Still, there are the disquieting factors that puzzle and challenge her. The mounting number of one-way warp points her explores are finding are forcing her to build more exploration vessels. She worries about -finally- meeting another race and being unable to trade.


She sighs and purrs to herself. Ah well. As the elders say, "If the Crocodile eats your prey, eat the crocodile." These are golden times for the Gosht Kohr.

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such a grand and difficult game to play with zillions of options...

and you post less then victory... hmmmm I thought that in this gamethere was also something as the Borg... now that is interesting to talk about...


also I seem to remember in one of the darker corners of my mind that players from the older universes could come by and visit...


hmm it slowly comes back and I am thinking about a whole different game .. anyway I think I have once played something like a dwarf in this game... living all in the crowded underground cities.... oh well back to vic where the land is in 2D and life is simple.....

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