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Plea for the RTD

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This has been voiced before, but its re-request has just become even more needed. :oops:


Please can the RTD order spit out the whole ANZ detail, rather than a much pruned description and building costs?


The reason I bring up the request again is due to spotting some wholesale changes last turn.


It would seem that the busy Oracle has been sorting out the little gaps and oddities in the Ground Combat arena.


The result is that there have been a great number of changes to the effects of many technologies, particularly the MDDs and ESP/TK/TP areas and also several (perhaps many) of the other Ground Techs. Many of the missing ground rating areas are suddenly filled.......


So, whilst it may be reasonable for us to get the updated ANZ when the item has finally been researched, it's a bit much for us to be expected to re-ANZ all those we currently have.


Changes like this are going to be needed now and again and I am extremely happy that they have been done, but it shouldn't cost us several extra turn sheets to find out what they are.


Changing the RTD order would be a great way to allow us to see the effects of the changes as they affect what we already have.


Please ;)



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I would second that...


With all the changes to already existing tech, that has been ANZ'ed once around, and without any formal notifications on the boards it would be better to allow the RTD to actually give the ANZ'es. If you are worried about turn length for printout then add a toggle to the order that produces it with or without the ANZ feature. I just have trouble seeing having to do new ANZ'es on my MDDs and Mental Powers because they're now working correctly!?




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