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Replacement Draw Question


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Let's say I plan to Break NAP, Declare War on someone and attack them with some units that are damaged. I'm thinking of the following:


BPA - Break Political Agreement

DW - Declare War

SDG - Draw Full supplies for Unit

OMG - Offensive Mission

DRG - Draw Replacements Ground.


What I'd like to do is if the BPA/DW succeeds, go ahead and attack. If not, I know OMG will fail, but I'd like to draw replacements and bring the unit up to full strength.


My concern is if the BPA/DW succeeds _and_ the DRG goes through before the OMG order the unit won't attack since a DRG is a Secondary Order.

How are the orders processed? Will it work the way I put it or will the DRG mess things up if the BPA succeeds?


Thanks in advance...

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What you typed will work. Your orders are processed in the order you put them on your form. So if your OMG fails, your DRG will succeed. If your BPA succeeds, and you're unlucky and loose the battle your DRG will succeed, and you'll have better chances next time. If your BPA succeeds and you win the battle and move to your enemy's province, your DRG will fail. But hey..... who cares!



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When you give the option NO in your OMG order, the mission will be cancelled when you are unsuccesful in breaking the NAP. And you groundforce will remain in its present location as the attack location is not enemy controlled.


Given orders are always processed in the order in which they are given, so you can use this for your advantage. You can also give double orders for a force. In this scenario, you can give them a LFE order, before the DRG...


Hope this helps.



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As I get closer to doing my orders, more questions pop in my head :)


Question on Advance to Contact.


I know it moves through up to 3 provinces, ignoring cities. My question is, do I need to go back and take those cities later? I assume if there are defenders in the city, that's a yes, but if there are no defenders in the city, do I automatically take the city as well as the province?

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