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Snakes fighting birds... the whole thing seems rather 'Aztec' to me. :nuke:

Fighting in general seems so primitive. There are plenty of flowers for everyone; let's move on and not quibble over who gets the daisies and who the orange blossoms.

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We, First Prime of Apophis, System Lord claiming Sesi, do which to inform you that that system has been claimed as part of the Go'auld Empire. Any further incursions will be met with force.


I thought that the matter was settled as far as you were concerned. Don't sense a climb down here do we?

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Krelnett -


Have you succeeded with MMB? We have heard no response since we have sent him some messages from the board. Sesi needs to be resolved.



He's said he won't come back to the boards for anything. *shrug* If he doesn't want to respond to your in-game messages, I guess he's playing that position close to the vest.

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