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Welcome to the Bio Sciences Lab forum!


The SuperNova universe contains a wide variety of life and space-faring species can come in many forms.


As the prospective leader of a new Empire...your first task is to actually decide the nature of your species. Lifeform design can be a major part of the setup process and, since your lifeform will probably remained unchanged for a fairly long time, an important one that will affect your empire in sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle ways as you reach out to the stars.


In this forum, we'll use the SN:ROTE lifeform design system to present viable lifeforms for potential use by fellow players and even by RTG (i.e. you might see an interesting lifeform you designed and presented in this forum show up as a neutral species, etc.)


Some lifeforms will be presented by GMs, Russ and myself, but we are hoping that the bulk of them come from our players. Try to come up with unique lifeforms where you can (i.e. not a human with Brawny strength instead of Average which would just be a simple variation). Classical lifeforms from fantasy & sci-fiction might be a good spot to start unless your imagination already has something interesting in mind.


Have fun with the system and if you have any questions about lifeform design, this is the place for them as well


Note: Please start a new topic for each lifeform design. If you have comments about a given lifeform then post those on the topic for that lifeform. Thanks in advance.

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