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Fleet composition and Amphibious Assault ?


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Suppose I want to do an amphibious assault.


Does my fleet need to consist of AA-capable ships exclusively or can I add other ships like battleships etc to the fleet without taking away the AA-capability of that fleet ??





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You can add whatever you want. However, if you are adding BB/CA/CL's for the purpose of taking on the CHAB/CLAB's, you would be better off putting them in a separate fleet and having them escort the AA force.

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Putting BBs/CAs/CLs or DDs in an amphibious task force does not lower the transport rating, other than taking slots for ships that otherwise could be more landingcraft.


If you have to do combat with CHABs/CLABs then this force will engage. The landingcraft will also come under fire...

If you have a seperate escort force of warships, these will first try to silence the batteries without any harm coming to the landingcraft.


Hope this helps,



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Some notes to add to the thread...


A lot will depend on your tech pack - some CLs and DDs are capable units in a coastal bombardment while some are not so useful.


Remember that battles against coastal batteries start at 24,000 yards max and that CLAB has a maximum range of 20,000 yards. Give some thought to adjusting your tactics accordingly if your force is going up against coastal batteries.


If you have a naval force attached to your amphib force as an escort, that escort will automatically move to engage any coastal batteries in the event that the primary force executes an amphibious assault. If the coastal batteries are destroyed/silenced by the escort, the primary force will land marines without being shelled by coastal batteries. If the escort loses the battle with the batteries, the amphib assault is canceled.



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