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As many of you know, there was an issue with severe attrition that occurred on the most recent turn (results sent out Friday night, June 18th). There was also an issue with some fleets misjumping and remaining in place.


There was no way to spot correct each attrition case because it was fairly widespread, and it was severe enough to warrant a correction. The only way to do this was to re-run the end turn adjustments routine, which handles convoy routes through production and a variety of procedures that conclude the turn.


I've done that and will be sending out the updated turn results in a few minutes. Industrial production will likely be virtually identical to the results sent out last night with the possible exception of new leader bonuses to various mine production (Crystals, Iron etc). These are generally pretty minor and are random from turn to turn in any event, so shouldn't be very important. Scientist research hits were re-run as well, and those could represent some change from the first turn results set.


On balance, correcting the attrition issue was of overriding importance. For those of you affected, not to mention the huge numbers of colonists lost to the surprise attrition, I'm confident that you'd agree :drunk: By the way, it had to do with Domed Cities not functioning correctly, and didn't affect every world.


Misjumps I'll need to handle on a case-by-case basis. If a fleet failed to jump (received the misjump message) and you need to have it moved elsewhere, I can do that - just send me an email including your empire #, the fleet # affected, and the new system name and planet # or warp point # it needs to be at. I can check your turn results to get the right fleet moved as needed.


If you had an incredibly lucky series of scientist research hits on the first turn and would prefer those to what occurred on the now-real-second-run, let me know and I can adjust that too - no worries there.


My sincere apologies for the trouble - as the re-run worked fine (attrition right back down to normal levels) I can happily say that your colonists are busily working at their restored mines as usual :)


Toss out those turn results from last night. Use the ones that are being sent out right now - they have creation dates of around 2:00am June 19th as I created them all early this morning.


I am thrilled about one thing that did happen this time around: the results can be sent out in just a few minutes now. Finally, no more 7 hours of emails :)

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