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This forum is the place to discuss SuperNova: Rise of the Empire game rules & mechanics.


Focus your questions and discussion on one item at a time and please review the F.A.Q. topic (which will be built up as we go along) before posting a new topic to see if that particular issue has already been discussed.


If you have ideas regarding the improvement of existing game features/mechanics or new game features/mechanics then air them out here where they can be discussed. RTG will review and consider every thread of this nature and may or may not participate in the discussion. SuperNova: Rise of the Empire is a constantly evolving game but please keep in mind that every change/addition takes time and not every change/addition suggested is necessarily a good idea (for one reason or another). We are committed to making SN:ROTE the best game that we can so you can expect to see steady improvement :)


If you are having a technical problem with SN:ROTE entry program software - please see the appropriate Tech Support forum.

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