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Improved IC's and SM's

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Researched 1st Gen Cybernetics and did not get Improved IC's. Do I need better than Improved Heavy Machinery? What else is needed, oh better informed members of the Forum?


And getting 3rd Gen Planetary Eng will get us Improved SM's (with Imp Heavy Mach), correct?


Delays, delays in getting Transwarp drive....


Octus Imperium :cheers:

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Researched 1st Gen Cybernetics and did not get Improved IC's. Do I need better than Improved Heavy Machinery? What else is needed, oh better informed members of the Forum?


This is on my list of research goals. From what I have seen on the boards you need Improved Construction Materials, 1G Cybernetics and 2G Industrial Science, not including all of the technologies needed to get to these three. As I am not there yet, I could be wrong about this. :cheers:

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:cheers: Perhaps a jump-start tidbit for improved industries for new people. I'm pretty sure this has been posted elsewhere.



Improved Industrial Complex (Horizon Technology Classification)


Pre-requisite Technology:

3rd Gen Civil Engineering

1st Gen Cybernetics



Converts Items into other Items. Resources such as Iron can be refined into Steel, or multiple Items can be assembled to form superior Items. Improved Industrial Complexes can assemble 750 tons of materials per turn into final products, making use of robotics and some hybrid robotic lifeforms to improve industrial output.


Production requirements: 500 Improved CM

Production: 750 tons



Improved Stripmining Complex (Horizon Technology Classification)


Pre-requisite Technology:

3rd Gen Planetary Science

Improved Heavy Machinery


Extracts 3,000 Raw Resources. Consumes 1 Power. High Pollution on occasion. Improved Stripmining Complexes spit out Raw Resources at a very impressive rate. Stripmining Complexes and the Industries needed to support them will take a long time to pay off, but if you have excess industrial capacity already, they are a great way to feed your Empire's hungry need for basic raw materials.


Production requirements: 500 Improved Heavy Machinery

Produces: 3,000 Raw Resources

Consumes: 1 Power



Improved Heavy Machinery (Resource Classification)



2nd Gen Indy Science


Heavy Machinery includes everything from jackhammers to bulldozers, snowplows, tractors, tow trucks, automobiles, swamp buggies and a huge variety of industrial equipment. Production of some items requires the use of Improved Heavy Machinery. (1 ton) 3 Improved Steel


2nd Generation Industrial Science (Horizon Technology Classification)


Pre-requisite Technology:

1st Gen Indy(we start with this), 1st Gen Civil Adminisration

2nd Generation Computer Systems


Opens up: Improved Heavy Machinery


Industrial Science represents general across-the-board improvements in industrial

technology. Development of 2nd Generation Industrial Science results in an increased efficiency in the output of all of your Industrial Complexes, no matter how primitive or advanced they might be because of their basic type. This increased efficiency is estimated to be at about ten per cent over the standard production output of your industrial Installations.


1st Generation Cybernetics (Horizon Technology Classification)


Pre-requisite Technology:

2nd Gen Medical, 3rd Gen Computers

Advanced Bionics


Opens up: Improved Industrial Complex


Cybernetics forms a bridge between standard Life Science and improved understanding of robotics. It is very important for the development of advanced robotic devices, and can prove extremely useful for creation of machine implants for hybrid cyborg individuals.


1st Generation Civil Administration (Horizon Technology Classification)


Pre-requisite Technology:

1st Generation Psychology


Opens up: 2nd Gen Industrial Science


Improvement in Civil Administration allows leaders to make better use of the individuals under their control, leading to a more productive and stable society

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Much obliged for the clarification. I will review my printouts of past postings. I think I missed 3G Civ Eng for Imp IC's. I have Imp Heavy Mach and still need 3G Planetary Eng for Imp SC. Like I said, more delays in slot 1 assignments for NTWD (just need the adv fuel for that I think).


Sure is boring waiting for all those advanced synth met, electronics, CM, etc to come through for the real good engines, weapons, etc. Good thing I get a trickle of ground combat perks to keep me amused.


Good gaming and have a round of your favorite beverage/heavy metal/flora/fauna on us! :cheers:



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