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Is Lexann three systems out from either of your HOME systems?


I hope that Senator Logion can clarify....if Lexann is beyond three systems of your home system, doesn't that make it a neutral system - which may require registration with the Promulgator (which we don't have yet :lol: )


If it is a neutral system - I interpret the Territoty Pact to require you guys to work out a border scheme.


Hang in there, senators. These first few challenges can be resolved if we commit ourselves to working out the wrinkles as we go.

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Wow you have two empires within 3 systems of your homeworld? <_<


Whatever happens between you guys happens - if either of you choose to seek the forum of the Senate to resolve the dispute through formal process, let us know.


Its clear we have to establish a method for verifying which systems are indeed sovereign.


In other words - if you blast the Asphai and can later demonstrate that Lexann is sovereign space (provided either of you choose to bring the issue before the Senate in the first place)- you have nothing to worry about, do you?


Best of luck Senators :cheers:

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