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The Base Station-Beholder circled the Lostworld homeworld. Fleet Admiral Jameson would soon be taking command of the 4,000,000+ Base Station. He looked at his screen wondering what would happen when they scrapped this heap of armor and weapons? The engineers did not know how much would have to be added before it would obtain a new title to increase his prestige.


Fleet Marshall Jameson ordered the ensign to open communications via the 3-D holographic transponder to Grand Marshall Hinkel in charge of ground operations. Jameson here, the Beholder will be testing all weapon systems. Hinkel was having his office redecorated after the death of their former leader. A new sculpture of Razor was being placed in the center of the room. Hinkel had them carry away the drained body of a supporter of the Witch King Star Seeker. Get on with it Jameson or do you want to be on the fleet when we scrap it.


Fire all weapons, Admiral Richard Firedrake. Firing all weapons. Heavy Lasers, Energy beams, Missiles, Cold Rays, and Heavy Projectile weapons are in working order. Deflectors, CIDS, Meson Screens, Tachyon Screen, Flux Capcitors, Neutron Fixers, and ECM coming on line. Secondary weapons coming on line.


Maybe, 8,000,000+ would be a better sized ship. We will see...

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