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I have a question for the colonizer races. I move about 1200 people a turn. I want to build MK II Fusion Engines and move 4800 per turn. However, I have noticed when I want to move people outside of my system, it will take more production to improve their warp ability. Is it smarter to wait for better tech to move my colonists outside of the system.


Also, I have been able to make all my moderate loss worlds ideal :drunk: by using the basic installations. When I get the temperature installations will that make my highs ideal or is it better than that?


Did anyone of the colonizer notice that we will only be able to colonize about 45 worlds before stripping our worlds?




Richard Johns

Currenlty at war with the Pheonix Arisen Alliance

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Well... I suppose it all depends on how many colonists you feel required to move over to a colony.


Here is what I ahve done so far.


I only build 70% of max mines on a colony and only build mines for yields of 150 or better in the homesystem.


Range 1 systems - 250+

Range 2&3 systems - 300+

Range 4+ systems - 350+ yields only.


Once all of those are done then I will reevaluate things. I also won't colonize more the 150% of home world pop growth. The homeworl will always have to maintain the industrial base to use the products mined at the colonies.


To fully colonize my homesystem will require about 40K colonists and that will cover more than 20 colonies. So I think the estimate of 45 colonies is many short of what I will be able to do.


I haven't found that temperature installations have done alot for me. They certainly haven't taken a high world down to ideal or very low attrition. That coupled with the expense makes me look for other colonies before resorting to temperature controls.


Finally I would say that Mk II Fusions are great to use for colonization. My ships are 10 AP and do 5 trips in system/turn. What ever the cost it is worth it to me. I would start colonizing outside your system when ever you have gotten the cream off of all insystem colonies. Don't wait for tech to leave the system.




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All this talk about heat and cold manipulation on colonies makes me wonder why I haven't seen these installations yet at turn 26. Anyone willing to hint at needs? 2nd Gen Planetary Engineering? 2nd Gen Terraforming? Advanced CMs? I am working on two of those three and still have SRP's to use. A hint would be most appreciated.


So many tech sto research....



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