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I am playing the Julii campaign now.. and it is just amazing .. the game is just keeping me glued to the screen.. just done a city assault with onagers... great fireballs which are hurled over the enemy city walls...


Also played a 1 hour session as Carthago with hughe armies... the cavalery they start with .. nice and what a site 128 riders in 1 unit.... they beat the Romans with their speed ...


The game is as rock solid as it can be... which is a big achievement.... and I feel it is a lot like Victory... roman style that is :alien2:


everything Victory has is in this game except for the planes ofcourse :lol:

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Do not worry, we are NADS und vill not stop till we reach the other side of zhe map!


(did anybody explain who are NADS?)





I know we are NUTS but NADS? Please explain.

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