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ANZ of Nuclear Pulse Engine


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Pulse Engines add to the decision of whether to use fighters or not. If you use weapon systems and not fighters you will probably research some type of CIDS system. The resource cost seems low in comparison to fighter bays and mass losses when carrier ships are destroyed, but when you discover a new one you have to scrap and rebuild ships or build new ones to use the new technology. Pulse engines do not need to be built. They are automatically applied to all your fighters...those already built as well as any you build in the future. Upgrades in new types of fighters are just build in your industries and loaded onto ships.


Really what it comes down to is what do you consider an advantage. The game seems to be well balanced so different opinions on every subject just reinforces that fact. You should play what style you like. Imitate the glory of Battlestar Galactica or the might of Star Trek. Whatever choice you make it should be a total committment.

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