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Lord Silverheart "Champion Of The Realm" seeks audience with the Sentient leader of Atlantis in order to establish a peaceful relationship. We have just spotted an Atlantean ship and do not intend any hostilities. Should you feel the same please contact me.

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Lord Silverheart: Your offer of peaceful coexistence to the Atlanteans is quite noble; however, I must ask myself "why has no such offer been extended to (or from) the Megachiroptera Empire?"


Since our fleets have encountered each other in multiple locations (fortunately without incident), now would be an opportune time to discuss relationships between our two empires as well as negotiate our borders. Should you truly desire peace with all sentients, please contact me.

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Sent you an email. I had tried to contact you through the empire MESS order but got no response. Decided not to waste another order on contact attempts with the Atlanteans. I am open to peaceful co-existence with your empire as well.

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