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Guys, I know many of you are fans of Babylon-5. If you buy the DVDs for all five seasons it will run you about $800US. I found a guy in Hong Kong who is selling all five seasons for around $100US (with shipping) on e-bay. If you are a purist or collector this isn't your thing, because there is Chinese writting on the box and the box is flimsy cardboard compared to what one would get in North America. The DVDs themselves, however, are the same as the NA version except the language options are Chinese and English instead of English, French, and Spanish. If you are like me and just want to watch it when ever the cosmic urge hits you, then this is a great way to augment your sci-fi library.


:rolleyes: Shane

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What are odds that this set is legit? Intellectual property rights are are problematic in China. But for 700USD?



I purchased them and I am pretty sure they are legit. Hong Kong, unlike the rest of China still has British IP laws. There is Chinese writting on it and it looks like it is just the set that they sell retail over there. The relative cost of things is just lower. I think the mean income in Hong Kong is only like $10K US, if that high.


Anyway, the quality is very, very good.



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Can't always tell. The Hong Kong dub of the Japanese show Inuyasha is mostly illegal here (which doesn't stop many otaku from owning a copy), not to mention kind of grainy and with REALLY poor English translations.

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