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You may not have the tech in the database for your empire. The NUD database only contains those techs that you already have. However, this should work in the same way as ANZs for items you find that are outside of your research capability. Type in the name of the item exactly as it is shown. The systme should allow it. Check with Pete if you are concnerned.

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:laugh: The key here is EXACTLY. Not being known for my typing ability, or data entry, I have comitted the grievious sin of accidently hitting the space bar when doing my turn entries. The result was that I was told, too bad, we cannot find the item-- MK II Slingshot. We would have found a--MK II Slingshot. Notice the added space in the first item.

I did not think it would be so hard to fix it so that if an item was typed correctly within a 2 or 3 space area, it would be accepted, but OBVIOUSLY I was wrong.

I would think that I am not the only typing impaired individual trying to play this game. I am not interested in having anything done about past sins, I would like to see this MINOR fix taken to help others as well as myself, in the future.

On a scale of 1-10, I would give this about a .05 chance of occuring. Notice that was a .05 not a . 05.


Now where is my damn Bloodwine,


Kahless :P

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