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Dismantling Installations


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Has anyone dismantled all their installations to gather resources. For instance scrapping all your industries and building mines and stripmines and letting them just crank out each turn. And adding to them each turn until running out of power then building more power stations. Then adding more stripmines....etc. up to the limits of your population available (dismantled recovery and growth)

Has anyone dismantled their Imperial Palace? or Zoo? or Museum?

I realize that you will have to build some industries to make construction materials of course before you finally run out.

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I am sure that everyone has dismantled something as you really need to at the first to build more stripmines since you start with too many IC's. Also, the first positions started with 5 pop groups and many of us have DISM'd everything in four of the pop groups in order to consolidate them to a single pop group. It doesn't seem very practical to me to be jumping back and forth between stripmines/power and IC's. A good spreadsheet and/or trial and error will quickly let you see where you can allocate resources and then just let them run. Major changes just take up too many orders that could better be used elsewhere, unless you just like like to send in more orders and need something to do with them. :angry:


You have got to love 100% material return from DISM. :(

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