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Converting Class Designations


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Some while ago, you discussed the need to be able to change the battle slot (or whatever its called) for a class of ship. For example, from A (assault) to B (Battle Line).


What is the status on this? Now that ranges and weaponry etc are being fully understood, I believe this is a fairly important order now. I definitely know that I need this order.



The Rathe of Khan

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We have to concur with the Khan! We remember ancient talks about implementing this feature and with greater understanding of the naval combat system...well at least some understanding (man were our ships badly designed the first 1 1/2 years into the game) we would like to able to change designation. While some of our outermost border fleets cannot be rebuilt, it would add to their survivability if classes could be chamged as the Khan suggests.




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I too was wondering when I could turn my fuel tankers into assult ships....but alas there is not a an order to ram the enemy.


Lord SaHeru

It's a lot easier to modify an existing order to allow this than to add a new order (that requires distrubiting a new entry program). This is probably what I'll do, as modifying ship class designations has no downside and is a good idea all around.

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