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Order Codes Definitions

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It's not hard to tell that I'm new around here but I'm a fan of PBEM games and SuperNova looks looks like a real winner to me. The only problem I'm going through is the overwhelming learning curve of this game. When I first saw the Turn Entry Program, I almost turned off the computer to walk away. Thankfully, with some determination and searching for helpful information on this forum, I'm getting a hang of it.


However, I couldn't find any lists here to help explain all of the Order Codes definitions on the TEP. So I took it upon myself to type these little buggers out. :D


Be seeing you around galaxy. :huh:






Order Codes


1. ABP --- Army Battle Plan

2. AC --- Assign Commander

3. ALLG --- Swear Allegiance

4. ANZ --- Analyze Item

5. BALG --- Break Allegiance

6. BI --- Build Item

7. BOMB --- Orbital Bombardment

8. CNVR --- Convoy Route Name

9. COLB --- Colonial Beam

10. CON --- Construct Installation

11. CONV --- Convoy Route

12. CSV --- Colonial attrition Survey

13. CTRN --- Colonist Training

14. DD --- Design Details

15. DECF --- Decommission Fleet

16. DELS --- Delete Standing Orders

17. DGF --- Disband Ground Force

18. DIP --- Diplomacy

19. DISM --- Dismantle Installation

20. DIV --- Division Assignment

21. EAF --- Embark Army Force

22. EB --- Edit Build

23. ECNV --- Edit Convoy Route

24. ED --- Eliminate Design

25. ESTA --- Edit Standing Order

26. EXIL --- Exile Leader

27. EXPL --- Exploration

28. FNAM --- Rename Fleet

29. FOB --- Fleet Order of Battle

30. FORM --- Formation Battle Plan

31. FUEL --- Fuel Transfer

32. GATK --- Ground Attack

33. GEO --- Geological Survey

34. INST --- Describe Installation

35. JETT --- Jettison Cargo

36. LC --- Load Cargo

37. LFE --- Life Fire Exercise

38. MESS --- Send Message

39. MOVE --- Move to Warp Point

40. Name --- Name Legendary Character

41. NENC --- Naval Encounter Plan

42. NEWA --- New Army

43. NEWF --- New Fleet

44. NFBP --- New Force Battle Plan

45. NM --- Naval Movement

46. NUB --- Naval unit Design

47. OC --- Offload Cargo

48. ORB --- Orbital Reconnaissance

49. PAP --- Political Action Proposal

50. PMAP --- Plant Map

51. PRIV --- Privacy Option

52. RA --- Reorganize Army

53. REA --- Request Empire Address

54. REVO --- Instigate Revolution

55. RN --- Reorganize Naval

56. RTD --- Request Technology Description

57. SCRA --- Scrap Ship

58. SCUT --- Scuttle Ship

59. SENS --- Sensor Sweep

60. SHIP --- Build Ship

61. SKIM --- Skim Gas Giant

62. SRP --- Set Research Priority

63. SS --- System Scan

64. SUPP --- Resupply Scan

65. SURV --- Warp Survey

66. TAC Ground Force Tactical Ratings

67. TR --- Transfer Item

68. TREE --- Allegiance Tree

69. WARP --- Warp Movement

70. XBOMB --- Orbital Bombardment

71. XCTRN --- Colonist Training

72. XEXPL --- Exploration

73. XLC --- Load Cargo

74. XLFE --- Life Fire Exercise

75. XMOVE --- Move to Warp Point

76. XNM --- Naval Movement

77. XOC --- Offload Cargo

78. XSENS --- Sensor Sweep

79. XSHIP --- Build Ship

80. XSKIM --- Skim Gas Giant

81. XTR --- Transfer item

82. XWARP --- Warp Movement


Please notify me if any of you spots any errors.

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Neil, there are lots of helpful people here on the forum so if you have any questions, ask. Many of us have been down that same steep learning curve.


Thanks and trust me, I'll be asking plenty of questions as time goes on the further I get into the game. For now, I'll be turtling and building my empire up. One thing I don't understand is why the Order Supplement isn't part of the Rule Book. The two walk perfectly hand in hand and would have made my first turn experience less hair pulling. :wacko:


Actually, I have a question: I have a couple moons in my system for a source of fuel. Can I order my ships into orbit and skim for fuel all in the same turn?





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Yes you can do it all in one turn.


Here is what I do.


place colony beacon on planet/moon that is good for refueling

build skimmer ships

create convoy route as follows


OC pop group #XXXXXX

You then assign you skimming fleets to this convoy route. Every turn they will skim fuel and drop it into a pop group. Then you build a tanker to go pick up the fuel and take it to the HW or where ever you want it.



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Actually, I have a question: I have a couple moons in my system for a source of fuel. Can I order my ships into orbit and skim for fuel all in the same turn?



Yes, NM (1 ap) plus SKIM (1 ap). 200 tons immediately upon execution of skim order with one fuel shuttle at a gas giant. Lesser amounts for different atmospheres.

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