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Two Orders I'd Like to See


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1. I'd like an order which will delete all ship designs without ships in service.


2. I'd like an order which would return all empty fleets to the homeworld, or a world designated in the order. Either one would work for me.


Basically something to clean up your database. I think they both would be of use to keeping the database, and reports clean.

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I'd like to see the order DRT - Divulge Research Topic - Order added.


Limit of one DRT order per turn.

DRT will allow you to force the GM to divulge one aspect of Research in the game.


For example, want to know the return on 3 Research Centers? Enter DRT--- Research Centers --- 3 --- Generated Research


And back on your turn you will get something that states 3 RC's generates x points of research per turn when dedicated to one topic.


Or for example, enter DRT --- Racial Modifiers --- 6b --- Generated Research (where 6b represents Intelligence, one step above average)


And back on your turn you will get something that states Above Avergae Intelligence gives you an Y % bonus to research.


What do you think folks? All in favor of the DRT order yell "HUU-RAAH!". :(

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Instead of a DRT Order, I'd prefer it Pete (or Russ) just included an 'infobit' (or factoid, if you prefer) at the headers of our Turn Results each turn.



FACTOID: Senior Administrators can improve your Production (4% - 5%).


My major point of advocating this is that it's across the board, as opposed to something that you could buy. To expand, if I only run one Empire and somebody else runs three Empires that person can learn three times as much by paying more money to run three positions. What about people who are members of one of the Alliances? Depending on how many positions are run by their memberships, they could uncover vast amounts of information very quickly.


It's no secret that I think that R&D is too slow. [i'd like RC output doubled for everyone.] I don't want all of the game's mysteries uncovered that quickly.

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Research to Slow? Why, with at least 600 items to potentially research at an average cost of say ... 40 per item (assuming 10's and 20's for lower cost items, 30-50 for middle tier, and up their for high end tech ... I'm being optomistic and 40 could be to low), I'll be able to get everything researched in ...


600 x 40 RC / 25 RC per turn = 960 turns. Or around 45 years time. At one RC per turn per tech to avoid losing any RC to the penalties for multiple RC usage.


Research is to Slow is an understatement.


What's even worse is I can't work out deals with others to specialize in certain areas, so we can complete certain techs and then trade them .. as we lack information on what is required for all those advanced techs to begin with. We can basically gamble and try to guess at a path for the tech, but it's all a crapshoot.

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A) WKE235

:cheers: ShadowKitsune #1

C) ShadowKitsune #2


:cheers::( It's been over a month since you've caused me to break up SK...and this wasn't nearly funny enough. What gives? With all of the threads that I have wanted to respond to with some "heat" (I'm trying to quit smoking and the nicotine withdrawal can make me just a teensy bit "irritable"....not to mention some of the bs that has tried to maskerade as logic.... :oops: starting to do it anyway), I haven't wanted to let that be the driving force behind some of the posts I would have liked to make..... :thumbsup: and I need that breathe of fresh air that one of your jokes seems to provide and help relieve the tension. What element is missing that you need to be able to come up with a good one? :P


Did you not get my last payment for these services? Really, the check is in the mail..... :lol:


A) I was going to respond to this since I wanted to put up the previous part of this post but I'm glad that I "zoned-out" in front of the screen before I got started because of the next part of this message..... :huh:


C) SK you have phrased this better than I probably ever could have, even without the nictotine affecting HOW I said it, and I agree with you across the board and absolutely; so I'm glad that my brain has been in "idle" so much of the morning and never really got out of bed with the rest of my body because you posted your second message while I was reading your first one and before I even got started on this one.... :D


The only thing I would add/emphasize is that as much as you might be in favor of faster research (me too, especially since we are starting to "see" more of how much Pete thinks things should cost), I have been in favor of more generic info on the game being provided. I am still dumbfounded by the amount of info, or rather the lack of it, to be found in the rules or that has been provided to us about the game. I would have been willing to bet major amounts of money that no game by RTG would have ever gone down this path..... ;)

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Just curious but even if you are playing several positions how would that give you more information, when all of the information seems to be fairly they same. For example I started at the begining of the game and have all the data from that, now I start a new empire but all I am going to get is the basic information I already knew.


Now the Alliance could certainly provide more information then I would normally have access to but isn't that the whole point of being in one?



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I may have been unclear. :D So let me try to explain by example. If Pete actually implemented the DRT Order as suggested, here's what would happen:


Player A: Ur-Lord of Empire on a Budget - uses the DRT Order to ask:

"If I have 1 RC researching Mk IV Pointed Sticks, how many turns will that take?"


Player B: Emperor of the Blood Fist Empire, Warlord of the Kingdom formerly known as France, and Hindmost of the Neo-Puppetteer Consortium - uses the DRT Order to ask:

"If I have 1 RC researching Mk IV Pointed Sticks, how many turns will that take?"

"What bonus does Extraordinary Intelligence give to my Research?"

"What bonus does Above Average Sensory [Perception] give to my Research?"


At this point, Player A knows how long it takes to get Mk IV Pointed Sticks. While Player B knows that as well as the bonuses his Racial Attributes gives to Research. Player B now has three times the information as Player A.

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