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G'day Russ


In my opinion, Victory In Europe needs a special rule to counter-act the PETER SCHMITTER Factor.

The rule would go something like this:

Every turn that PETER SCHMITTER increases his AIR kills by 10,000 or more, all of his enemies gain $10,000 to their Treasury and 500 CP to their Stockpile.

This would go some way towards compensating them for the thoroughly superior and ruthlessly efficient tactics that this mongrel is utilising in Game 65.

To avoid any suggestion of unfairness, this proposal could be put to the vote of all remaining players in Game 65.

What do you think?


Des Feeney

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I would have to veto that also,


I know that it is a complete shock to many of you. But just because he controls half of europe. Not to mention his allies. I think it would be unfair, I mean all those computer players they crushed. I mean if they had to really fight for stuff. Maybe things would have been different. :)


I mean to be fair, I would suggest he gets stuck using american ground units, russian navel units, and the polish airforce at the start of WW2.


This way his t-34's would all become easier to kill shermans, the navy still would not exist. The vaunted polish airforce would only have biplanes. :drunk:


Other then the standard problem of airpower in victory, way to powerful. It would balance out the rest of the game for us on the recieving end of his attacks.


Till the game is redone to balance things out, improve the rules to make fortifications protect airfields like ground units are. Make the planes bombing an airfield suffer intercept, provience flak, ground units in city flak, then city flak. then check to see if they could bomb then.


Otherwise do like I do Grin and make fun of his army and airforce as they chew through my units. Since I am the one in direct contact with his "four friggin horsemen of the north", otherwise him and his allies. :unsure:


This is just my opionion, I could be wrong, NOT :blink:




Till then Russ I think all of us on the recieving end. Should get a free game out of this punishment we have to endure..... :cheers:


Just a thought :taz:

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You're making me very proud... a Schmitter-rule... wow :rolleyes:

Of course, i am not for this new rule :rolleyes: So, dear Russ... i think they have to bear that :lol:


And i just wanna mention the following to the general discussion about bad Peter: Wasn't it Algeria coming over with about 10 groups of Ju88's... crushing one full army? At that moment, it was a great thing for Portugal... so, isn't it just a bit fair that i could give some paybacks? :P


And just a last remark... Paul, not very nice of you proclaiming that we only played against computer-players. It's simply not true...


- From turn 3 to 10, i fought a hard battle against a resisty little Baltic...

- From turn 14 to 20, i simply took advantage of having the next enemies (Germany, Czechos) having involved somewhere else. But be sure, they tried to resist as long as they could (both were veteran vic-players).

- Later on (about 24 to 29), it was Lowlands and GB setting up some pretty nice big armies against my advance...


So, when i count all my losses together, there must have been some nice little battles. But i agree, it was pity that GB dropped. Of course, his armies in the field were broken and his airforces pretty battered, too. But, a few turns more would have made it easier... but i think, thats the way it is in pretty expensive games. Not all are willing to hold out for long on bad positions (congrat - Tim - Your Rumania62 was a epic game - you proved being a real PBM-ler), as it simply costs money and time.


Anyway... i am happy having you as my enemies :drunk: . A great game... thanks :cheers:


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Re:62, thanks Peter, I have some pretty nice sized SS King Tiger armies just sitting there rusting. I wonder if Russ would let me bring them to Game 65 to fight alongside my paltry Marine units.... :rolleyes:

Here's to great friends and enemies :rolleyes:


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