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Hi all, I'm back with another...


What is the purpose of Mk _ Defense Directorate technology? The description states


"Mk I Defense Directorate: Defense Directorates are top quality computer systems used in the same way as regular Computer Systems, but are specially

designed for use in surface fortress and orbital installations. These systems add considerably to the Bridge capabilities of the combat unit they are built on."


Does this mean that they HAVE to be used on surface forts or on orbitals? Can they be used on "mobile" starships? Does this mean I can't build a surface fort with normal computers? What gives? Why should I put RC into this when I can just build a standard Mk _ Computer?


One thing I noted... Mk I Defense Directorates have a Good rating whereas Mk IV Computer Systems also have a Good rating... both are 100tons... so again,what is the advantage or purpose of Defense Directorates?



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The Defense Directorate line does not require that they be placed on surface installations or orbitals. If they do not appear to be as efficient or more efficient than some other fire control system, it's possible that they lead to something else. Hard to say for sure without checking the master technology table, but I couldn't tell you the results of that anyway :D

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One needs to remember when reading the descriptory text of many ANZ that they are mainly and most often ONLY for flavor, nothing else especially when it comes to shipboard items. All items are created equal so to speak but may open up special tech branches but don't expect anything major unless it seems so from Pete. Thus take all ANZ texts with an amount of salt so to speak and concentrate on the numbers since this is after all a numbers game...more, bigger and better wins...





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