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Hi Guys,


Hoping those with a bit of experience can answer a query regarding fighter engines (I have done some searches on the forum but didn't find an answer, but apologies if its been asked before).


Im considering Fighters as a potential weapon system, by researching pulse engines my fighters are more manoverable and therefore are harder to kill. however is the bonus of Pulse engines culmitive?


I.e. If I research Nuclear Pulse engine level 1, Nuclear pulse engine level 2 and then Fusion Pulse engine level 1 do I get a bonus for having all 3 technolgoys or just the most powerful? If so I can skip the first two and just research fusion pulse engine etc.


Logic would say the fighter can only have one engine therefore its the best engine that counts however with ground combat bonuses its culmitive

e.g. My ground forces will go into battle with spears, swords axes and shotguns... you'd think they'd stick with shotguns but they don't they bring every weapon weve ever developed.... not 100% logical :]


so which is it?


thanks to anyone who can help,


Miltiades :]

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According to Pete, pulse engines are like ground combats and all of them apply and are of some benefit. This part of the process that is still of the black box variety so I have no idea how much lesser engines benfit.


Seeing as how ship defenses have been capped I would not be surprised to find that lesser engines are of no real benefit. In addition, there was that naval document that was posted a while back that had some proposed charts in it. According to the document you would compare the level of engine with the defensive system and then come to some sort of effectiveness of the defensive systems. In this case it only mattered what the higher pulse engine level was. The naval document was in part a draft and I don't think we have any idea what has been implimented, what was already implimented or what has not been and never will be implimented. Pete, please chime in on this.


So, to answer your question, in my opinion I don't think there is much benefit to the lower levels of pulse engines except as a stepping stone to the higher level ones.



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Ignore the naval combat document draft table, Pete has said it has nothing to do with how it works in reality now... Basically from what I gathered and understood from him fighters et drones have "hitpoints" that CIDS "kill" depending on their generation thus destroying the fighter/drone. Pulse Engines gives the fighters/drones more hitpoints with the highest generation giving the most, lower helps but not as much but are cumulative



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Hi :python:


first thanks to both of you for replying!


So at the moment they all have an effect but in the futre this may change...


hmm.... theres an obvious advantage of being able to put your research centres on multiple tracks (such as differnt types of pulse engines) to maximise the number of research points you generate, though if that may eventually be lost...


somethnig to think about!




Miltiades :]

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