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The cavernous warehouse was abuzz with Skaarl technicians and scientists. They were swarming in, on, and around the large circular metal plate in the center of the floor. They occassionally snuck glances up to the control room where Chief Scientist K'Riska was overseeing the whole operation with Clan Elder Sakarissa observing. After countless failures they had finally gotten a working prototype working. Finally, the last item on the last checklist had been marked completed and everyone cleared the room. K'Riska looked over at the Clan Elder and nodded once. Sakarissa noticed the nod and said one word, "Begin."


The technicians started their operations and the metal plate started to hum. A large thrumming started up and after a few seconds there was a bright flash over the metal plate and a large pile of iron rods appeared out of thin air. Several technicians in containment suits approached the iron and started sweeping sensors over it. Tense seconds passed before they announced success. No radiation or other problems could be found on the iron. They had even tested the iron on the molecular level and it was still iron.


Sakarissa stepped up to a microphone, "Congratulations one and all. I knew you could do it and I'm extremely proud of Chief Scientist K'Riska and all of you. This is a momentous occassion. I hearby dub this new item the K'Riska Gate to honor the Skaarl who lead the effort and provided the final breakthrough. I salute all of you. A celebration has been arranged at my personal resort for all of you and your families. I hope to see you there in a few hours."


He stepped back from the microphone. The cheering from the Gate team went on for quite a while. Sakarissa looked over at his aide, "Make the necessary orders. I want one of the K'Riska Gates built on our colony as soon as possible."






Well, The Circle has finally fully researched the Mk I Planetary Cargo Gate! The ANZ and INST are as follows:


Planetary Cargo Gate technology represents a revolutionary advance in matter destruction

and recreation. Completion of this technology allows for the construction of the

Planetary Cargo Gate installation, which functions almost identically to the

Transportation Center…..but between different planets. There are some limitations and

risks, however. First, movement of cargo can only occur between planets in the same star

system. Second, a Planetary Cargo Gate must exist on both planets and be under the

control of the same empire to function. Additionally, your scientists are only beginning

to understand the nature of matter transmission and have a long way to go to fully

understand the complex physics involved. Fairly often a portion of cargo sent from one

gate to another is lost. It does not fail to dematerialize, but it never appears at the

destination. It just…vanishes. Finally, PCG's soak up a monumental amount of power just

to maintain the interworld link. The power is required whether or not any cargo is sent

through the gate.

Classification: Colonial Berthing

This Item cannot be manufactured, and is either a ground combat upgrade or a prerequisite for other technologies

Prerequisite Technologies: <HIGHLY CENSORED>


Allows transfers to other Population Groups in the same star system that also possess a

Planetary Cargo Gate. Power consumption is massive and required whether or not the Gate

is actually used to transfer goods. A standard TR order is used to trigger a Gate

transfer. Some cargo may be lost in transit, with the risk being directly related to the

level of advancement in PCG technology.

Production requirements: 5,000,000 Advanced Construction Materials

Consumes: 500,000 Power



Sakarissa :alien::alien:

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The Universal Gate is nice but it does not seem to have helped Lars in his fight against the Hellenic League or me. :cheers:


So you confess to being behind the Neeve Dynasty that has been raiding my commerce and outlying colonies? That would explain the lack of communication but as you discovered at Hilfere, justice is coming your way and those DNs are just the first of many looking for your HW and so far I've seen nothing of yours that can dance with them, not so easy when it isn't lightly armed transport ships eh?


As for the Hellenics, they've been blockaded in their HW system for close to a year soon so at least they're not out pirating the space lanes like their allies. Had I and my allies been able to concentrate all our forces on them, they'd not last long but that seems to be the plan with your Neeve Dynasty actions along with these other miscreant empires that seem to prefer to attack anything that moves instead of talking.



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Whoopsie MMB. Did you end up saying something that you shouldn't have? Let us all in on the events at Hilfere. What exactly do these DN's mentioned look like and what did they end up eliminating? How one sided was it?


Come on, spice up these boards. It's sooooo boring.


And who are these miscreant empires mentioned? They all associated with MMB?

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One of the reasons the League failed (other than inviting a PA member to be your minister of security) is that the Gremloids tend to be a bit paranoid. Unlike our Swedish player we do not run 30 sets of orders a turn and no we do not play the Neeve empire.



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Hey MMB,


That's pretty interesting. Why would an alliance appoint the security chief if he was part of another alliance? Sounds like Stalag 17.


Anyway, would you share some of those titanic combats that seem to have happened? What kind of DN's is Locklyn throwing at you? Actual battle reports would be most interesting.

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