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I have been getting frustrated by my enemys success with sub warefare. Any ship I sail through his sea zones with an NMI gets atacked and occasionally he gets a very nice kill.


I on the other hand know he is passing through one of my sea zones with 50 subs on NMI and I never even get a report he is sailing through let alone ever attack him. My aircraft on AMP see him move but my subs do and report nothing.


What is going on here? Any tactices that can be suggested. I have my subs set to attack AUX at a range of 1500 yds for a day or night attack Is this low yardage of attack causing trouble?

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Couple things on subs that might help. If he is continually harrassing you with his subs put some destroyers in your force or escort with them. This will significantly reduce his effectiveness. As for attacking with subs I have found that if your subs are not at 100% than they are about worthless. I don't know if they move slower because they are damaged or if the program is just wrote for that scenario but anytime my subs take gen loss the lower their percentage goes the less effective they seem to be.


I don't think subs can attack subs can they ? Put destroyers on nmi.

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My experience has been that Submarines are especially difficult to destroy while at sea. They seem to be quite effective engaging shipping, even at percentages below 100% (I just had a small fleet attacked by subs that were at 60%). However, Predator is absolutely right that even a small escort force (say, a carrier and a couple destroyers) tends to drastically reduce the effectiveness of submarines.


I have noted that many people send them to a zone, put them on NMI, and then simply let them wither away to nothing....harassing the enemy all along. NSD's will not engage submarines, and Aircraft will only attack a single sub per attack profile, making a large subpack quite difficult to destroy.


I believe your problem is the range. I tend to set my open fire range at either 5000 yards or 7000 yards, and have been quite effective. Subs are generally slow, and engage slow transport ships (AK, AO, AD) most effectively. They also seem to engage enemy Carriers fairly well. Don't expect them to engage warships (who are much faster in combat speed) or fast transports such as Queen Mary's. They don't seem to do as well against faster ships.


That is my two cents....

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