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I was surprised that there were so many interested in Vegas. Since I live here I could check for prices and post them here if anyone would like. That way we could figure out how feasible it would be to actually hold one. I realize that not everyone loves the game as much as I do but then I am a fanatical gamer....not just SuperNova. I also play Dungeons & Dragons, Rifts, and have even played Vampire the Masquerade on occasion. Of course I have played numerous computer games including the old D&D games like the Krynn series and Forgotten Realms series...etc. I currently play online in Dark Age of Camelot although only recently.


I played StarMaster from Schubel & Son from way back before the original SuperNova. I have also played SuperNova and SuperNova II. I would love to make some face to face contact with other die hard gamers. Maybe we can all make it happen.

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'Lost wages' seems so... non-real! Of course, that may be a positive thing when it comes to holding PBM/SF/Whatever conventions there. Why not have it in a nice place like Denver or Seattle? All three locations are within reasonable driving range for me, although Los Vegas would be a stretch.


Have always wanted to take that tour of the Nevada Proving Grounds though. :beer:



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Hey guys,


I'd love to see SN players get together but getting Pete and I there is tricky at this time. Pete might be able to show up if the gathering is local but I'm on a pretty short leash due to taking care of an elderly parent. Under the current circumstances I wouldn't be able to attend.


Just wanted to put in a quick note before the planning got any further along.


Take care all,



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